Production scientifique: Equipe de Palynologie

a. Publications internationales : Benamor B., Boughediri L. and Chala A. (2014): Selection of male date palms (Phoenix dactylifera L.) at “Daouia” station (Oued Souf, Algeria). Advances in Environmental Biology, 8(24): 29-36. Boughediri L. (1991): Mineral composition of the exine of two male date palms (Phoenix dactylifera L.). 4th Int. Conf. Aerobiol. Stockholm/1990. Grana, […]

Production scientifique: Equipe Pathologie des écosystèmes

a. Publications internationales : Bendali-Saoudi F., Oudainia W., Benmalek L., Tahar A. and Soltani N. (2013): Morphometry of Culex pipiens pipiens Linneus , 1758 (Dipterae; Culicidae) principal vector of West Nile Virus, harvested from 2 zones, humid, semiarid (East of Algeria). Annals of Biological Research, 4 (10): 79-86. Boumedris Z., Serradj Ali Ahmed M. et Slimani […]

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